The CampfireEffect: Value of CampfireSocial for Associations & Event Organizers

Bit by bit, they’re creeping back on the schedule.

Organizers of trade shows, gone virtual or cancelled temporarily thanks to the pandemic, are starting to plan for a return in the fall. But what’s an industry community supposed to do in the meantime to maintain relationships, build new ones and forge paths for the next great deal?

CampfireSocial is a new platform that is bringing together the best of both worlds: an easy, digital interface that’s completely customizable to your industry and organization, and the opportunity to form deep, lasting relationships that translate into measurable business results.

There are a myriad of benefits to a community using the platform, which allows all the rich relationship and sales opportunities to be forged year-round. But there are also a limitless number of ways that each trade show organizer and association can benefit financially from forming a CampfireSocial community or "campfire" for their respective industry vertical.

Here are just some of the ways that trade show organizers and associations can monetize the development of their CampfireSocial campfire:

  • Native ads (sponsored posts)
  • Subscription models
  • Data monetization
  • Hierarchical content (charging for some premium content of your choice)
  • Marketplace/E-commerce models customized for your community (collecting a fee on transactions within your ecosystem, etc.)
  • Charging vendors for “virtual storefronts”

In addition, as your CampfireSocial community grows and becomes more engaged, associations and event organizers can optimize and adapt pricing strategies as they see fit to drive more revenue opportunities across the platform.

That can include:

  • New advertising and sponsorships to complement inventory in live and virtual events
  • Content marketing (sponsored content)
  • Support of existing revenue marketing strategies through private and targeted outreach
  • Partner programs (ie., providing vendors with the opportunity to offer VIP perks and/or discounts to paid users as a premium feature with their digital storefronts.)
  • Adding fees for value-added vendor perks (promotional messaging, etc.)
  • Premium custom dashboards to provide and monetize social listening
  • Fee-added matching programs (leveraging CampfireSocial’s machine learning)
  • Enhanced memberships

For associations, they can charge a premium for access to the ecosystem or charge nominal fees for non-members. As those users begin to experience the value in daily community interaction, many may choose to become full members.

Trade organizers have an opportunity to control the voice of their ecosystem. Rather than engage with their audience a few times a year at a scheduled event, they now have their industry’s eyes, ears - and wallets - every day of the year.  

With the opportunity to generate new revenue while servicing your stakeholders, what do you have to lose?  Come join our campfire.  

Who do you sit with?  CampfireSocial.

Stay tuned next week for another installment of the CampfireEffect - facilitating two-way conversations with your industry ecosystem.

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Meet the Author

Erica Bishaf

Founder & CEO

Erica Bishaf is an award-winning global brand strategist (24 years), market research professional, and a 2X tech startup founder. Her startup experience includes CampfireSocial, the private community & marketplace platform, and Pet Gotcha Day!, the immersive video platform for animal shelters. In addition to her passion for startups, she has worked for consumer-packaged goods companies such as Kraft, Nestle, Kimberly-Clark, the Illinois Lottery, and MillerCoors in a variety of roles encompassing global product innovation, package redesign, brand equity, shopper & retail insights, and strategic planning. In 2015, Erica started her own consultancy where she led projects for startups, growth stage companies, Fortune 500, trade & professional associations, top 10 trade shows, and private equity firms that focused on building brand & communication strategies, strategic planning & workshop design, innovation, segmentation identification, UX/UI design, consumer journeys, A&U work, uncovering shopping & retail touchpoints, and more. Erica has also built teams from the ground up for three organizations. She enjoys bringing an entrepreneurial lens to her work to identify new opportunities for growth and using quantitative and qualitative methodologies plus financial data to accomplish her clients' goals. Her clients have said that 'Erica is a keen observer of human behavior who can translate observations into action and one who spurs others to better thinking and better results.' Erica can be reached at

Erica Bishaf
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