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What is CampfireSocial?

CampfireSocial offers private professional networks for member-based and attendee-driven organizations that focus on community, content, & commerce.

How is CampfireSocial Different From Other Popular Social Media Platforms?

CampfireSocial is a private professional network designed just for your association, organization, trade event, corporation, academic institution, group or industry vertical. You control who is a user or a provider/vendor/sponsor within your CampfireSocial platform. The idea behind CampfireSocial is that it eliminates the noise that other popular social media platforms (e.g., LinkedIn) inherently brings. Since your CampfireSocial is limited to just your industry or organization there will not be irrelevant conversations that take place.

A few other differences include:

*Access to data: You own your data on CampfireSocial. On other popular social media platforms, they own your data. Additionally, CampfireSocial provides you with your data in the form of various dashboarding options. Others do not provide you with data.

*On CampfireSocial, you can monetize your professional network due to the unique digital marketing opportunities you can offer your providers/sponsors/vendors. Other social media platforms do not allow you to monetize your groups, rather they monetize your data for themselves.

*CampfireSocial gives your providers/vendors/sponsors a voice within your professional network. CampfireSocial is designed for your entire ecosystem.

*CampfireSocial offers a unique value proposition to your users as it becomes your go-to hub for all things related to networking, community, group discussions, content, and commerce. Your members & attendees will know that your CampfireSocial is the one-stop shop for everything related to their industry and will be motivated to participate regularly. Anyone who joins your organization will be made aware of your CampfireSocial platform. Other social media platform users are not always aware of your groups and are not notified of new discussions. In fact, when using other social platforms you miss out on valuable voices.

Stop renting your community and start owning the voice of your industry with CampfireSocial.

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How Can CampfireSocial Help Me Better Understand My Members, Show Attendees, and Exhibiting Partners?

Due to the breadth of data that CampfireSocial collects from user profiles, vendor profiles, and from community & group conversations, we are able to provide you with robust social listening and behavioral data on how your ecosystem thinks, behaves, and transacts every single day. Did we mention that you own this data?

You can use your social listening & behavioral data to learn about what matters most to your audience so you can produce better content including white papers, webinars, & events, and learn what themes & speakers will resonate at your big trade event. You can even test new ideas and listen to the feedback. By engaging with your audience, they are likely to participate more. Engaged members spend 6X and drive event registration. Who doesn't want that?

You can also monetize your data by selling behavioral metrics & social listening to your sponsors/vendors in the Provider Directory. When your vendors better understand what resonates with your users, they will know what content to share to forge richer conversations.

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We Already Have an App. How Can We Use CampfireSocial?

CampfireSocial is a beautifully & thoughtfully designed platform that can sit nicely in your existing web presence & mobile app to ensure a consistent user experience.

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Can CampfireSocial Help My Organization Attract Younger Generations?

Yes we can. Millennials & Gen Z love the CampfireSocial platform because it resembles popular social networking platforms. There is no learning curve required.

Did you know that 7 in 10 Millennials claim to never need to meet someone IRL to forge a meaningful connection? But, when they meet digitally, they are more likely to want to meet in person. CampfireSocial allows all generations to network digitally 365/24/7, which will drive your event registration.

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Who Owns My Data?

You do! CampfireSocial can access aggregated data to improve the user experience, but you own the disaggregated data. We'll even help you analyze it.

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How Does CampfireSocial Help Me With Engagement?

CampfireSocial is a boutique SaaS company and we care about our clients. Afterall, we sit around the same campfire.

We offer a white glove service that includes a dedicated strategy team, customer success, monetization models to help you forecast revenue, playbooks that highlight best practices for user & vendor onboarding, monetization, marketing, and more.

Your organization & CampfireSocial are partners and we will work together to build and maintain your user engagement strategy & experience.

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What Benefits Can CampfireSocial Bring to My Organization?

CampfireSocial offers many benefits including:

*365/24/7 access to your members, attendees, and vendors/sponsors/exhibitors.  If your show can't go on, we will.

*Incremental revenue

*An omnichannel presence with new touchpoints to reach those who matter most to you

*Social listening & behavioral data so you can better understand how your ecosystem thinks, behaves, and transacts every single day

*A private professional community owned by your organization

*Stickier members, attendees, and vendors

CampfireSocial is a rich platform with benefits to support everyone across your organization including finance, operations, membership, exhibitor relations, marketing, sales, and the executive leadership team.

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Can CampfireSocial Integrate With My Current Tech Stack?

Absolutely. We can integrate with most CRM's, AMS's, & registration software including Salesforce. CampfireSocial was built to be a part of an ecosystem approach. This just means we play nicely with the other technologies that are vital to your business.

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Why Are You Called CampfireSocial?

CampfireSocial came about due to the founder's love of s'mores - yes, this is true. But, if you think about it, a campfire is intended to bring communities of people together to bond & share stories, hold intimate conversations, and create warmth. This is just what CampfireSocial facilitates, but on a more professional level.

Let's bring your ecosystem of members, attendees, customers, staff, students, volunteers, vendors, sponsors, and others together so they can sit around your CampfireSocial.