The CampfireEffect: Serendipity

The CampfireEffect: Serendipity

Serendipity: noun. The faculty or phenomenon of finding valuable or agreeable things not sought for.

The word serendipity often conjures up a thought of romantic love...the “meet-cute” in a movie or the moment when a character, despite mistakes or flaws, ends up with the person the audience is rooting for them to find the whole time.

The same power of that serendipitous moment can be found in business, too. (It may be a little less big-screen worthy, we admit)

Imagine the times you’ve met someone seemingly by chance who ended up having a significant impact in your success. Or finding a book or a class that changed your perspective, allowed you to see things differently, and pushed you closer to the goals you once thought might have been unattainable.

But, especially in a world still ravaged by COVID, we are looking to discover ways to find these serendipitous moments outside of face-to-face interaction. Moments like this can be few and far between when we’re not interacting like we used to. But they’re easy to find on a platform like CampfireSocial, which provides for rich, fulfilling digital interactions that are unmatched among other social or commerce platforms.

CampfireSocial is a SaaS-based platform designed for specific industry verticals, organizations or institutions. That means that, by joining, you’re already halfway to a serendipitous moment that could lead to a new sales connection, a future business partner or a fascinating new educational opportunity. You’re instantly exposed to like-minded people in your industry who want to interact, learn and forge deals like no other platform offers them the opportunity.

Imagine a user scrolling through a CampfireSocial feed and discovering a new technology shared by a leader in your industry. That user now has the opportunity to engage with the leader, learn from them and explore how that new technology can impact their current ways of working.  

Even better, they can start an exploratory group to find other industry members who have experience with the technology to learn more. When they want to pull the trigger and bring that technology to their business, the user can visit the CampfireSocial marketplace to find a vendor to bring it to life.  

Deal done: Happy buyer, happy vendor and a community of people informed about and engaged with a new hot topic by serendipitous chance.  

This is just one example, but with CampfireSocial, all interactions are this rich. CampfireSocial is the rising tide that lifts all boats. Everyone on the platform has the opportunity to learn from the best in their industry, experience concepts of all kinds that can lead to vast business improvements and form relationships that could change the trajectory of your work life for the better, all because someone decided to take the first step.

We can predict use cases, but the real value of the platform is by simply diving in: watching your ecosystem at work and listening to your industry’s conversations without any of the noise of traditional social media platforms.  We need a way to have substantive conversations and chance encounters that lead to unexpectedly positive results all in the same place. We need serendipity. This is the CampfireEffect.

Stay tuned next week for our final blog in the CampfireEffect series - “matchmaking” technology and how it should be used versus current implementations in virtual event platforms.