The CampfireEffect: Matchmaking

Matchmaking needs a makeover.

Just like dating apps can connect us with potential mates in our city or down the block, similar technology can connect us to new business contacts in the same room or industry virtual event. What this event technology can’t do, though, is make a connection that lasts long term and produces the kind of results that we are looking for, whether it’s a new business contact, a new educational opportunity, meaningful content or a new job. Social media gives us the opportunity to keep up with professional  contacts, too - but it also can lack the depth needed to allow us to reach our business goals through deep, personal connection.

CampfireSocial, the SaaS social network and commerce platform, turns this on its head. Instead of an algorithm that makes a first, superficial connection and nothing else, our technology's deep algorithm ensures that every user’s experience gets better and better the more they use it.

Matchmaking is no longer just about finding an ideal match for the moment, but rather finding a quality connection that grows and adjusts based on what you need to be most effective at your job. Matches aren’t just limited to human connections, either: On CampfireSocial, our unparalleled technology will match you with relevant content from your industry’s thought leaders and peers, valuable content, and in-depth group discussions that can help you learn a skill or grow your network. All of this, and more, will give you the opportunity to go beyond those invaluable buyer-seller relationships to produce meaningful leads and strategic partnerships.

This ability to match a user with their own unique needs creates a value proposition for all members of a particular industry ecosystem: Sellers get access to highly qualified buyers and all users get a full, curated experience that is customized for them, all based on their interactions. It’s all the benefits of a strong social network, a content collection, and an industry-specific marketplace all in one.

As more join a campfire, you’ll see first-hand how rich a digital matchmaking experience can be, without all the noise. Your industry, your network, your vendors - everything geared toward making your industry’s interactions more meaningful and productive. And a satisfied user base doesn’t just translate into a happy network, but actual results in dollars and cents.

We hope you enjoyed our introductory series and look forward to connecting with you to discuss how the CampfireEffect can impact your organization. Schedule a meeting to learn more.

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Meet the Author

Erica Bishaf

Founder & CEO

Erica Bishaf is an award-winning global brand strategist (24 years), market research professional, and a 2X tech startup founder. Her startup experience includes CampfireSocial, the private community & marketplace platform, and Pet Gotcha Day!, the immersive video platform for animal shelters. In addition to her passion for startups, she has worked for consumer-packaged goods companies such as Kraft, Nestle, Kimberly-Clark, the Illinois Lottery, and MillerCoors in a variety of roles encompassing global product innovation, package redesign, brand equity, shopper & retail insights, and strategic planning. In 2015, Erica started her own consultancy where she led projects for startups, growth stage companies, Fortune 500, trade & professional associations, top 10 trade shows, and private equity firms that focused on building brand & communication strategies, strategic planning & workshop design, innovation, segmentation identification, UX/UI design, consumer journeys, A&U work, uncovering shopping & retail touchpoints, and more. Erica has also built teams from the ground up for three organizations. She enjoys bringing an entrepreneurial lens to her work to identify new opportunities for growth and using quantitative and qualitative methodologies plus financial data to accomplish her clients' goals. Her clients have said that 'Erica is a keen observer of human behavior who can translate observations into action and one who spurs others to better thinking and better results.' Erica can be reached at

Erica Bishaf
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