The CampfireEffect: Facilitating two-way conversations with your industry

We love checking Facebook to see our friends’ baby photos, visiting Yelp to see others’ opinions on a new restaurant, or scrolling through LinkedIn to interact with our professional contacts. But mainstream social media can only scratch the surface when it comes to giving us the information we actually need to effectively move through and be successful in the business world.

Imagine being able to access the content of your particular industry - and avoiding all the unnecessary content that doesn’t help you meet your goals. Imagine ensuring that even the smallest players could have a large microphone if they had something valuable to share. And picture the benefits of social media built into a platform that can and does support every step in the complicated and often arduous sales and networking processes.

This is what CampfireSocial can do for you.

CampfireSocial is a new platform that brings together the best of many worlds: it’s an easy-to-use, digital interface that’s branded to your industry and organization and allows users the opportunity to form deep, long-lasting relationships that translate into measurable business results.

CampfireSocial provides data that summarizes social listening and quantitative data on how your ecosystem thinks, behaves and transacts every day of the year. And rather than paying for third-party data, it’s already baked into the platform. Critically, it also provides valuable real-time feedback.

Everything you share - event announcements, discussion groups, articles, white papers and even marketing messages - can be tested through the platform. An organization, association, trade organizer or vendor gets a safe place to see what inspires their particular community and core buying audience.

CampfireSocial allows organizations to experiment and see what messaging resonates organically with their community. They can then respond immediately with relevant content, forming new groups to hold strategic conversations, or create events that increase the number of times customers will interact.

Every organization in your community, big or small, has the power with CampfireSocial to keep the conversation going. This makes for richer and more beneficial content for all. CampfireSocial allows your ecosystem to crowdsource what’s most important to them. This steady stream of content is also key because content generation, when created by a few for the many, is difficult and expensive.

By utilizing social listening, your organization can create content based on what’s seen on the platform. The more content, the more your community will be engaged and share on its own. The more engagement, the better the data, which yields even more engagement. And the cycle goes on.

CampfireSocial allows for your organization to tap into real-time social insights to understand, for example, what your ecosystem cares about, what creates complacency, and immediate event feedback. Providing an opportunity for discussions immediately following industry events will yield better results than a survey every time.

By tying in social listening, organizations can respond faster to member and vendor satisfaction issues, saving them time and money. This type of personalized engagement will yield greater loyalty and ultimately lead to more revenue.

So the next time you are reading that review on Yelp or looking at your friend's baby pictures on Facebook, envision that same engagement on a social network and commerce platform focused solely for your organization or industry vertical. Who do you sit with?  Join CampfireSocial.

Stay tuned next week for another installment of the CampfireEffect - we'll discuss how CampfireSocial creates serendipitous encounters that will leave your stakeholders wanting more...

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Meet the Author

Erica Bishaf

Founder & CEO

Erica Bishaf is an award-winning global brand strategist (24 years), market research professional, and a 2X tech startup founder. Her startup experience includes CampfireSocial, the private community & marketplace platform, and Pet Gotcha Day!, the immersive video platform for animal shelters. In addition to her passion for startups, she has worked for consumer-packaged goods companies such as Kraft, Nestle, Kimberly-Clark, the Illinois Lottery, and MillerCoors in a variety of roles encompassing global product innovation, package redesign, brand equity, shopper & retail insights, and strategic planning. In 2015, Erica started her own consultancy where she led projects for startups, growth stage companies, Fortune 500, trade & professional associations, top 10 trade shows, and private equity firms that focused on building brand & communication strategies, strategic planning & workshop design, innovation, segmentation identification, UX/UI design, consumer journeys, A&U work, uncovering shopping & retail touchpoints, and more. Erica has also built teams from the ground up for three organizations. She enjoys bringing an entrepreneurial lens to her work to identify new opportunities for growth and using quantitative and qualitative methodologies plus financial data to accomplish her clients' goals. Her clients have said that 'Erica is a keen observer of human behavior who can translate observations into action and one who spurs others to better thinking and better results.' Erica can be reached at

Erica Bishaf
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