Navigate the World of Member & Corporate Engagement

Navigate the World of Member & Corporate Engagement

To engage members, many associations turn to a community platform and to engage corporate partners they turn to a marketplace.

Here's the problem with this thinking:

Community engagement and commercial conversion are currently siloed, but they go hand-in-hand.  Let's look at what happens on the trade show floor.  Corporate brands and attendees meet, learn collectively, and conduct commerce.  Oftentimes educational programming leads to brand exploration & networking.  

Brands, members, and show attendees are all demanding a meaningful digitized experience that allows for networking, content sharing, and commercial opportunities.  A new model exists, called social commerce, which brings these three aspects together to delight all your stakeholders.

I recently had the pleasure of joining Dave Coriale from Delcor Technology Solutions on his podcast, Reboot IT where we navigated the differences between digital marketplaces, communities, & social commerce platforms and when to tap into each option as an engagement tool. Tune in and take a listen!

Written By: Erica Bishaf, Founder & CEO of CampfireSocial

CampfireSocial is a private, branded social network and commerce solution (social commerce) that provides organizations 365/24/7 access to their stakeholders while creating a modern member, subscriber, attendee, and exhibiting partner experience that is monetizable to ultimately own the voice of their industry.  Our solution takes the interconnectivity of community, content, & commerce and digitizes the experience.  

We help organizations:

  • Diversify revenue with a monetizable platform
  • Provide relevance, especially ROI among exhibiting partners
  • Learn more about their stakeholders with behavioral and social listening data & business intelligence
  • Create a modern member and attendee experience

CampfireSocial also offers engagement consulting to better tap into the needs of your members, show attendees, and exhibiting partners.  Contact our strategy team at to learn more.