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Exhibitor spend is down 40% globally
Does this get you worried?
Exhibitors no longer see the same ROI in exhibiting directly. Instead, they are forming referral partnerships with your other exhibitors & partners.
Start getting the credit for these connections that are happening!
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Leveraging CampfireSocial technology, create a home for your exhibitors & sponsors to:
Be the source of connecting industry partners every single day
Form strategic partnerships
Enable exhibitors to cross-collaborate with partners on multi-branded products & solutions and create more holistic offerings to delight their clients
Find other companies to jointly respond to RFPs
Be recognized by your exhibitors when they win new business based off of creating comprehensive offerings that go beyond their core products or services
Establish referral relationships
Facilitate relationship building that can lead to mutual referrals for your exhibitors
and more!
Get access to trends, push announcements to your exhibitors and be the source of creating long-lasting business partnerships
Offer a suite of lead gen opportunities for your most important partners.
IGNITE! by CampfireSocial lets you provide your exhibitors with:
- Curated suggestions of the most valued strategic partners
- Monthly onboarding webinars
- Opportunities to search for partners to complement their business
- Groups dedicated to their needs
- Their own home to maintain relationships they’ve cultivated during your events
- Daily engagement
- Custom educational content
IGNITE! by CampfireSocial allows your organization to:
- Retain exhibitor and sponsor dollars
- Provide a suite of sales tools 24/7/365 with little effort
- Offer a modern, branded private professional network interface
- Gather business intelligence into exhibitor and sponsor activity to improve show value
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CampfireSocial IGNITE! is easy, fast, & affordable.  Are you ready to invest in your most important partners?