Community Platforms & Marketplaces Alone are not Effective

Current Solutions Aren’t Designed to Effectively Engage With the People Who Matter Most To Your Organization. These solutions tend to be designed for small interest groups, look like antiquated Q&A forums, aren’t designed to engage your providers & exhibitors, and aren’t monetizable.

current solutions do not work
the campfiresocial approach
CampfireSocial is designed based on the behavioral psychology around why trade shows work - it is the interconnectivity of community, content, and commerce.  Just like at a trade show, CampfireSocial allows your stakeholders to meet their peers & exhibiting vendors, learn alongside of them, and conduct commercial transactions on your own private professional network 365/24/7.

By integrating a social network with a marketplace your organization unlocks new benefits.

Business continuity: If your trade event can’t go on, your CampfireSocial professional network will live every day
Modern member experience to engage everyone from young professionals to industry veterans
Incremental Revenue (Ask us to model your revenue forecast based on the CampfireSocial ROI calculator)
An omnichannel presence - leverage new touch points to reach your audience outside of the typical email marketing campaigns & e-blasts
Stickier members, attendees, and exhibitors: More engaged members spend more & drive event registration
Data & business intelligence so you can understand how your industry stakeholders think, behave, and transact every single day.  You own your data.
community, content commerce
our features
Private Professional Network
A social network for your member-based and attendee-driven organization to form meaningful connections
Community Feed
Designed for all users to share & consume industry-specific content
Social Marketplace
A highly visual marketplace for your providers to share content in the community feed, participate in group discussions, and forge meaningful relationships.

Sell tiered vendor packages with upsell opportunities including sponsored posts.

Search & matchmaking capabilities to promote commercial relationships
Public & Private Groups
Groups that allow for in-depth conversation & networking. All directly in CampfireSocial
Social Listening & Behavioral Data
Big data that lets you learn what matters most to your stakeholders
Plug & Play Integrations
Integrations into popular CRM, AMS, and learning management solutions
Sell sponsored announcements or create your own official announcements for specific user segments or share with everyone
Users & Providers can take conversations off of the community feed
Push Notifications
Alert your users & providers of announcements and group & community activity
New features will be released - contact us to learn more
What Our Platform Users Say
We turned to CampfireSocial for their monetizable professional networking platform because it would allow us to better connect with our current member owners, operators, and suppliers while also engaging with younger generations who are aging into our industry.  CampfireSocial's modern features allow for our members to network, get feedback, ask questions, and grow their businesses while we learn about what matters most to them so we can provide an even better member experience.  
Quick Lube Expert
What excites us about partnering with CampfireSocial is not just how their platform gives us the clearest path to provide monetization and member growth, but also how our choice in working with them reinforces to our members that we are a group that prioritizes innovation.
Founded by Erica Bishaf, a 20+ year award winning strategy & insights veteran who has worked for consumer packaged goods companies such as Kraft, Nestle, Kimberly-Clark, & MillerCoors. In 2015, she started her own consultancy where she worked on strategy projects for associations & event organizers including Freeman, GES, the American Library Association, the Audiovisual and Integrated Experience Association (AVIXA), the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA), the National Retail Federation (NRF), and more.
Erica Bishaf
Founder & CEO

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