Welcome to our campfire.
CampfireSocial is your privately branded Customer Communication Hub to keep your clients informed of product and service updates, important company news, and other relevant information.
Create public and private groups, use social listening tools, access behavioral analytics, and integrate with your CRM to…
Simplify the customer communication process
Reduce client attrition
Earn higher client NPS scores
Increase attendance at webinars
Use social listening to inform feature development and client support strategies
What our clients have to say
"At DipJar we wanted a product that would allow us to better engage our client base and partners. CampfireSocial gives us this ability. CampfireSocial is enabling us to launch an easy-to-use and customizable brand community based on the familiar design of popular social networks."
Brian Arnone, CEO at DipJar
Email marketing campaigns are only effective when your customers open & read them. You don't have to lose customers just because they missed your message. CampfireSocial is your communication & insights vehicle.
333.2 billion emails are sent and received daily.* Over 70% of those are left unopened. When your clients don't read your emails, you lose money!
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